Building a new home? Flooring Options.

Building a new home is such an exciting experience, choosing your block of land in your perfect suburb, then choosing your floor plan and finally your colours and fixtures - it will feel like a whirlwind and sometimes a little daunting, but the end result is totally worth it. Your builder will have options for you to choose from to complete your home, but did you know, you have the option of finalising your own finishes after handover is complete? Whilst you will more than likely choose to have all your bathrooms and kitchen complete prior, you are able to do things like flooring and window coverings after handover. It may delay you moving into your new home by a week or so, but it will often save you a decent whack of your budget that you could put toward other things, such a landscaping or your holiday fund. When you've finalised your floor plans, you can obtain your initial flooring quote based on those plans, as it gets closer to handover, ask your site supervisor if you're able to have access to do a final measure and check (Most times they will happily agree!), this means your flooring can be ordered prior to handover and installed shortly after.

Our aim is to get you in your new home, floors complete, as soon as possible.

We have a huge selection of flooring for all budgets and lifestyles, including carpets, vinyl, hybrid vinyl and laminate. Contact us today for your obligation free measure and quote.

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