Choosing the right flooring for you.

There's many factors to consider when choosing the right flooring for your home, but something we mention often at Instyle, is that the flooring must suit your lifestyle.

The flooring a professional couple with no kids choose, is probably not the same flooring that a family with a busy household with kids and pets would choose.

At Instyle, we have a huge range of flooring choices and we pride ourselves on ensuring our staff learn about your needs, so that the flooring you choose is something that will be sustainable long term. We offer:

Carpets in a range of quality, some would be more suitable for investment properties, other commercial offices and of course options for every day living.

Timbers: High quality timbers in a range of colours. Hybrid Vinyl: Perfect for busy traffic areas, scratch resistant and water proof.

Speak to one of our friendly staff to discuss your options or arrange an obligation free quote.

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