Flooring to Suit your Lifestyle

Choosing flooring for a home renovation or a new build isn't an easy task. You want to ensure that you're choosing the right product for your project, as well as ensuring that you're transforming the room exactly how you envisaged. It's important to do you research on all products, so you don't end up with buyers remorse once your flooring ins installed.

Cosy Carpeting

If you want a comfortable space that feels soft under foot, carpet is the ideal choice. Living areas, bedrooms and hallways are the most suitable spaces for carpet. You can purchase carpets made from wool or synthetic fibres. Choose your carpets wisely as some materials are better for people who suffer from allergies, whereas others are known to harbour allergens.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring gives you the option of wood effect in an abundance of styles and colours. This type of flooring is incredibly easy to install, and it can cover other types of flooring such as ceramic tiles without issue. Kitchen, dining rooms, hallways and living areas are popular choices when it comes to laminate flooring.

Durable Timber

If you want a floor that lasts, consider timber. You can refinish most floors a number of times but solid hardwoods can be finished an infinite number of times. Staining is another option for timber flooring if you want to change up the look of a room. It is not generally recommended that you use timber in wet rooms. However, there are engineered wood options that provide greater stability for rooms such as the kitchen where less spills are expected.

Resilient Vinyl

You can use vinyl flooring in any room and most options are durable. Kitchens and bathrooms are the usual targets for vinyl flooring due to the material’s resistance to water and staining. If you have small children at home, you may want to opt for vinyl over tiles for the same impact without the cold feeling under their feet.

Waterproof Hybrid Flooring

With multi-layer hybrid flooring, waterproofing is built-in. Perfect for wet areas, hybrid flooring is similar to laminate or timber in look and functionality. The material is made using technological advances in sealing and protection, making hybrid flooring a great option for modern minded homeowners.

Hypoallergenic Tiles

Allergies are a problem for a large number of South Australians. Ceramic tiles are durable, hardwearing and non-porous. You can’t go wrong with a floor covering that is easy to keep clean and doesn’t harbour the allergens that make life misery for you or members of your family. The main problem with ceramic tiles is that once they are damaged, repair is difficult – if not impossible. Ceramic tiles are also costly and require an extensive amount of work to install.

Invest in Underlay

No matter what type of flooring you choose, don’t forget about underlay. It may seem like unnecessary extra labour in most cases but there are advantages to using underlay. Comfort is one of the main factors when you install underlay but protecting your flooring is also a consideration. The right underlay can give your flooring a 50% boost in estimated lifespan, which is good news when you consider how much it costs to replace flooring in any room. Other benefits of underlay include shock absorption, levelling, soundproofing, and energy conservation.

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