Quick Flooring Tips


A new floor can change the entire feel of your home, and with endless flooring options available, it's important you make the right choice, the first time.

Here is some easy flooring tips to hopefully make your selection a little easier.

SPACE: Know your space, ensure you get an accurate quote so you know exactly how much flooring you need and it will help you stick to your budget too!

TREND: What's on trend? There is endless options available, but the classic styles are always a popular choice, whilst some people may love the timber look, they might not necessarily want the timber upkeep, there are many alternatives out there to help achieve the style you're after.

NEED: Know what you need. Choose the right flooring for your home, but also your lifestyle, a busy family home probably won't choose the same flooring an adult only home.

INSTALLATION: Whilst a DIY job may save you some $, nothing beats a professional installer to ensure your flooring is installed correctly the first time.

SAMPLE: Ask for a sample, take it home, see it in your living room, in the room's natural light, what may look good in the show room may not look the same in your home. Make sure the colour works in the space the way you imagined it would.

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