The Vinyl Plank

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

So, you've just started on your flooring journey and you've stumbled across Vinyl a few times, you're probably thinking about the ugly, dated 1980s vinyl that was commonly confused with lino? It was in everyone's house and probably the first thing you thought of when you read vinyl.

Never fear! Vinyl flooring has changed, for the best!

Vinyl flooring has come ahead leaps and bounds over the past decade, infact, probably more so than any other flooring available. Every year, manufacturers are stepping up and creating more realistic looks and have a wider product range to choose from.

Ten years ago, homeowners were forced to choose between wood or laminate for wood looks and between tile and stone for stone looks. Those days are gone.

Vinyl flooring has several trends of its own, but additionally, vinyl flooring as a whole is trending right now. Originally saved for commercial spaces, vinyl is making its way into more homes than ever before. This year, you will see vinyl in more businesses and homes.

Advancing technology has given vinyl manufacturers the ability to develop shockingly realistic tiles and planks mimicking natural looks, such as wood and stone. They also have the ability to create unique, decorative looks currently unavailable in any other style of flooring.

One of the many vinyl ranges with stock is Hybrid Vinyl, the Viva Hybrid Plank offers cutting edge designs, latest designer colours, with durable market leading long boards. These floorboards are also fade resistant and stain resistant.

Viva Hybrid is available in real wood textures, and is produced with a market leading click together joining system.

Viva Hybrid Plank is extremely durable, quiet, comfortable and totally waterproof. Meaning it is suitable for all rooms in your home, including bathrooms and laundries.

With an extra durable top layer, Viva Hybrid Plank is also well suited to high traffic areas and commercial applications.

View our flooring range here and feel free to contact us at any time for more information

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