Top tips on choosing the right carpet for you

When looking for new carpet, the options are endless. From different levels of plushness, to different materials, it can be quite an overwhelming process. The right carpet for your space can instantly transform a space, absorb noise and soften the look of a room. It's important to consider the following before signing off on your final choice:

- Consider the way you live

Do you have a young family? or a house full of pets? Is your home an investment property? If you've answered yes to any of these, then you should be looking for a hard wearing carpet, such as a textured loop pile or quality hard twist cut. Colour is also important, choose something that is forgiving and won't show up every stain. If you're a childfree household, you may consider a little bit extra luxury, opting for a plush pile may be an ideal choice.

- Think about plush piles

Cut piles include plush piles, which feel super soft under feet. If you want a luxurious squishy feeling, plush piles would be ideal, but bear in mind they can show footprints.

- Take a look at loop piles

Loop piles are exactly that, yarn which is formed into loops. There is a wide variety which include a formal, linear look, others have a ribbed pattern. Random loop piles give the carpet a textured, casual look.

- Understand Colour - Make it work for you

Darker colours help make a room appear cosier, but lighter colours will make a room appear larger. Some people may choose an option that combines two colours in a subtle way, this will also be more forgiving when it comes to stains.

- Carpet will fade

Your newly installed carpet will appear lighter at first and will fade over time, so depending on how long you plan on staying in your home for, it may be a wise decision to choose a shade or two deeper than you had originally planned.

- Preferred Fibre Type

There is a huge range of fibre types available, ranging from 100% wool, wool-nylon mixes and synthetic fibres. Wool can be cool in summer and warm in winter, and isn't necessarily more expensive. If you're after a synthetic fibre, a solution dyed nylon is usually preferred, it is generally softer to touch and fade resistant.

- Check the rating

Check the rating of the carpet you are interested in, look for a carpet that is 'extra heavy duty grade' for residential use, or something suitable for stairs.

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