What flooring should you choose?

We are regularly asked which timber, laminate or vinyl should be used in people’s homes.

There is no easy answer, but the short answer should be that you need to chose a flooring that is best for your home and your specific conditions.

Every flooring product we have available, can be equally durable and long lasting when professionally installed and installed in the right setting.

What do we mean by right setting? While all flooring looks great, there is some we wouldn’t recommend installing in high traffic areas, or where it may get wet (a living room straight off a pool area).

It’s important to look at all options before making your final decision and seek expert advice. 📸 Pinterest #flooring #flooringadvice #newhomebuild #sydney #centralcoast#newcastle #timberfloor #carpet #carpetinstallation #vinylplankflooring#vinylplank #instylecarpetsandflooring

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